25 May 2016

Week 95 Elder Teal Greece Athens Mission

 We had short emails this week as P-day morning was spent running errands with Sister Heder, but as she takes better pictures than Elder Teal, we don't mind !

"It's been another good week, and busy as usual! We had an exchange with the Zone Leaders this week and I was with Elder Pereira so that was fun, it was my first time to have an exchange with him. We had a few lessons and it's been good to see new friends wanting to learn more."

"This week we're off to Cyprus again for training on Friday and Saturday, so it looks like it's going to be a busy day!"

"I do have a few pictures to send though from this morning. My hair is so long, I need to get it cut, it looks pretty silly at the moment I think!"

On your Mission Facebook account you don't use the title ΕΛΝΤΕΡ that is on your tag?

"Yeah the word on Facebook is πρεσβύτερος which means elder, and it's the exact same as the English word elder in that it means both "older", and is also a church title. It's from the word πρεσβύτερος (Pres-vee-ter-os) that we have the words presbytery and Presbyterian in English. The ΕΛΝΤΕΡ that we have on our badges is just a Greek rendering of the English word, and has no meaning in Greek."

Elder Teal and Elder Mead have been working on the official Greek church webpages and they have gone live this week... You can visit by clicking on the picture below

or click HERE to visit 

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