29 Oct 2015

Week 65 Athens

We received a couple more pictures of last weeks Zone trip. Including the one above and the two below. President Heder looking out over the city below. The description Elder Teal shared ...

"Just after I reminded President that he's responsible for every single person in every single house we could see from up there" 

Ever the Job's comforter !


This week Elder Klestrup and Elder Teal accompanied President Heder to Cyprus to conduct some training.(Flight 19 & 20)

"It's been a great week, and we really enjoyed our trip to Cyprus! It was my first time in Paphos so it was nice to finally see it, even though we didn't actually see much of the city. We had a really good meeting with the missionaries there, and also attended the branch there on Sunday. It was nice to spend time with Elder Klestrup and President Heder all weekend, and we had a lot of fun together.

Whilst we were in Larnaca we visited Pavlos, as well as Panayiotis and Georgia. It was really good to see them and catch up a little bit, I've missed them! We also saw the missionaries there which was nice too."

"In the evening we went out near the church and met a man in the street who had been a student in Manchester and said his best friend is from Oldham. Small world! He was a really nice guy with a young family and it was so great that the spirit guides us to exactly the right place at the right time, where we were able to talk to him and get his phone number. "

"As we got in the car to leave, a police car pulled up next to us and asked to see out ID. It was the first time in my mission that I've had to produce my passport but there were no problems." 

"We went to Corinth again and this time I just focused on looking and enjoying it. It's strange to think that so much happened there and that it was so significant to the people there at the time, but to us it's old rocks and ruins. I'm so grateful to be serving in such a beautiful country with such rich history. I'm grateful to be following the footsteps of Paul and other early missionaries in sharing the gospel with the Greeks." 

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