18 Aug 2015

Week 55 Larnaca

"We had 6 investigators at church this week which is the most I've ever had in one week, and it was great! R. is doing really well and progressing towards his baptismal date on August 29th. Unfortunately we won't be teaching A. But we're still teaching the family of 4 from Bulgaria, and they've started to develop relationships with the Bulgarian members of the branch too which is so important."

"I really enjoyed reading 1 Corinthians 2 this week, it's a great chapter. I've also just read 1 Nephi again, Nephi is such a good writer and you can learn so much from what seem like insignificant details. For example, I learnt about having trust in the Lord this week from the tiny section where it talks about how they loaded the boat with all of their supplies and most of the people and then launched it, having full trust that it wouldn't sink as it had been built with instruction from the Lord, down to how much stuff they had to put in it!"

"I miss going to the temple, it's easy to forget how much of a blessing it is that we live so close, and I intend to go often after my mission!"

"Today we're going to Panayiotis village as well as another one, it should be fun!"

Thanks to Panayiotis for looking after the missionaries so well and sharing these pictures of the visit to his village later in the day!

Elder Teal continues to send us pictures of his daily journal entries, here are some quotes from them..

"Missionary work is quite different here in Cyprus than in Greece as there's usually nobody to talk to out on the streets. We need to focus on finding new ways to find new investigators as door knocking is not extremely productive either."

"We had a lesson with R, with M as the member present. R is great, he really enjoyed learning about the plan of salvation."

"In language study I started to translate the section of Handbook 2 that talks about primary for Georgia. I found its quite a quick process but the strangest part is is deciding how to translate set phrases like 'Sharing Time.' I'm learning a lot about the way Primary is supposed to be run, shame I can never be Primary President.  Also I'm learning new words in Greek which is good too."

Plan of Salvation File

Finally a whiteboard from this weeks District Meeting in Elder Teals hand writing

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