21 Apr 2015

Week 38 Athens

"The Temple of Zeus the Olympian" Apparently if you leave the Acropolis chapel, cross the road and into the park you come across this rather grand historic site. Construction started in the 6th centenary  BC and it was intended to rival the more famous Parthenon. For various reasons the temple was not completed until around 132 AD but its glory was short lived and it was in ruins by 267 AD. Much of the stone being used to build churches and houses around Athens. More HERE

In other news Elder Teal went on splits with the missionaries serving in the Piraeus district of Athens. "I was in Piraeus for one night this week as Elder Velasquez (our DL) had an exchange with Elder Burton here in Agio Dimitrio so I took his place in the threesome over there. I really like that area, it's very pretty, and there are lots of busy areas for street contacting"

Elder Mead and Elder Donker

Coming up this week, he is going back to Thessaloniki to spend some time working with the missionaries there. 
One of the roles of a Zone Leader.

"Tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon we fly to Thessaloniki for exchanges! We'll be there until Friday morning, so will each have two exchanges whilst we're there, one day with Elder Deighton and one with Elder Clarke. We're looking forward to it! "

"We had so many small miracles as usual, but I wanted to share one in particular. We met a man on the metro earlier in the week and got his phone number, but were never able to reach him on the phone. A couple of days ago we were door knocking in a completely different area, and who should open the door but the very same man! It was incredible, such a huge city and we found him in his house!"

"This week we had a lesson with H, the French speaking guy who's learning with the Sisters, but we had a lesson with him as well, it's a complicated story! But he's doing really well and loving everything that he's learning, and is very excited to get baptised on May 2nd! Wooo!
We also had a second lesson with A, who is the man who has parents in America who are church members, He is Christian Orthodox and knows a lot about it, but is very open to learn. He speaks very high Greek and it's great practice for my Greek, I love it! We had a really good lesson, and he's going to come to church on Sunday"

We haven't had any food news recently, but this week we have.

"Some Greek food we cooked ourselves at home this week from scratch, 
but we bought the pittas and fried them ourselves"

"We had a nice chat with a man who said, since you've given me a gift (The Book of Mormon), I will give you a spiritual thought and proceeded to talk briefly about the change that Saul/Paul went through. I think this mission is quite unique in the way that it's people are so religious, within a minute of talking to someone you can have jumped to quite a complex theological topic sometimes"

"We had a nice conversation with a woman from Kenya and I said the only phrase I know in Swahili which she liked a lot... Akuna matata, it means no worries !"

"Both of our talks went really well Elder Burton did a great job to say it was his first time, he spoke for 10 minutes" (Sunday Sacrament meeting in Greek)

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