19 Jan 2015

Week 25 Athens

Confused ? Wondering if Elder Teal has been transferred to another mission? 
No, this week he went and spent some time with Elder Dickenson on a one day "exchange"

"A relic of Elder Lyttel's time in the Piraeus apartment that I found whilst I was there! 
It's not a real kilt, just a towel."

Perhaps he's missing his Scottish friend.

"The area of Piraeus (I don't know how to spell it in English), where I had an exchange at the beginning of the week. I was with Elder Dickenson. DLs organise exchanges to see how the missionaries are doing and to provide help with specific concerns. it's a beautiful area, in the North of the city on the coast"



Football enthusiasts may recognise the last two pictures as Karaiskaris Stadium, home of Olympiakos. 

Last week we mentioned a Baptismal interview we asked if the Baptism took place.

It did yeah, on Saturday! Unfortunately we weren't there as we had two lessons planned for the evening, but apparently it was great. Baptisms take place in Halandri as they have a font there. It happened 5 or 6 times because he didn't go fully under, he was scared of the water as he has asthma and it made it difficult for him. Elder Morgan performed the baptism. And yesterday we had the confirmation, by Elder Lohman. It was really good and the phrase "receive the Holy Ghost" is perhaps even more powerful in Greek that it is in English.

Blog and Facebook spreading.

"A lady in the Greek branch this week told me she'd seen the facebook page (she speaks English as well), and she knew I was in Thessaloniki before I was here, it's strange when people have heard of me beforehand!"

If you are that lady and you are reading this week, please say hello to Elder Teal from Mum and Dad.

News from the field

"Haha I'm glad you liked the map, (See the last blog post) it's so inaccurate geographically, but at least you know who's where now! I want to give as much information as I can over time for you to get a better idea generally of what it's like here, and for it to not just be a mystery!
 Yeah Elder Seluhin is looking forward to visiting him, he keeps asking me for recommendations of shops he should go to whilst in England! He's also hoping to go to the YSA ward whilst he's there, so maybe Rachel will see him as well. He goes into the office on Thursday and goes home on Monday, so I'll have anew companion by Thursday, exciting times! I'm excited to see what will happen, but I think I'll still be here in Athens

It's great news about uni, I don't have to worry about it at all now which is fantastic, not that I was before, but just that it won't be a problem in the future.

The Uni comment refers to the fact that we have finalised his university deferment till he returns in 2016. He has a place at Manchester University to study for a Masters Degree in Aeronautical Engineering. Yes our Greek Geek wants to be a rocket scientist !

I don't know about economic problems, and we haven't received any special instructions, but I know the elections are this week so there are stalls out in the streets advertising the different parties which is unusual.

I read an interesting scripture this morning (I think it was in 3 nephi 9), about how God gives us trials so that we will remember him and do the things we need to do to return to him. If we didnt have the trials we'd carry on as we were and fail ultimately, so the trials are actually blessings. There's also a good article in the Liahona (October 2014) about the Jaredite barges, and how the same waves that buried them in the depths of the ocean also carried them towards the Promised Land.  

The talk about grace (His Grace is Sufficient) was great, thanks! 
 We only had one lesson this week unfortunately, we need to find more people to teach! .Zone conference this week was also really good, as was leadership counsel and our district meeting. I also had an interview with President which was great as well (just the regular monthly one)"

"Elder West looking good during the monthly birthday section of Zone Conference."


Each week Elder Teal talks of his efforts to place, or give away copies of The Book of Mormon. If you don't know why, it is because we believe that reading this book can change our lives. As one of the Book of Mormon prophets said (Alma 37:6)

"by small and simple things are great things brought to pass"

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dale mealey(usa) said...

I always enjoy reading about how Elder Teal and all the missionaries change the lives of people all over the world. They are the true soldiers of peace. Keep up great work Elders and Sisters.

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